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Social Bookmarking Service | Get 1700+ Bookmarks for your website to boost your rankings! Unique links, perfectly balances (approximately 60% no-follow and 40% do-follow), spinning capability, anchor text and a professional team to get your bookmarks ready in a 3-4 days. Give it a try!
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Is it all do-follow or  no-follow?


Both! Approximately half are do-follow and the other half are no-follow. 700 of all our 1700 bookmark sites + networking sites from our database are heavy do-follow, meaning that within three weeks you will be able to see them all 700 in your back-linking portfolio and Google will take them as quality back-link by default [more…]


What is BLOG Networking?

Our operators create blogs based mostly on your title and outline & left your bookmark inside this blogs that will remain endlessly as your back-link. People might interact with the information provided, leave feedback primarily based on your subject. Nonetheless, the important factor is the hyperlink to your web site that will stay on that blog [more…]

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What’s new?



What does $25.000 mean for Google

[News # Apr 20, 12]— by Florance Williams

google bookmarks

Search engine giant was recently fined by The Federal Communications Commission with $25.000. To imagine what a massive company Google is we quote David Goldman (CNNMoney) who says: “If every Google employee kicked in 75 cents that would cover the fine.”


92 of Fortune 500 last year, Google is the second richest company on Internet Providers and Retailing area, with over $29 million dollars profit. Check our news page to find out more about Google’s conflict with federal authorities and why our confidential data “unwittingly” collected by Google values so little.



Two of world’s top investors bring

$ 1 million in bookmarking

[News # Mar 23, 12]— by Florance Williams


It seems that soc. networking starts to gain more and more field in online business area. Being aware of this young industry’s fast development, top investors like Sir Richard Branson and Jerry Murdock decided it’s worth enough to put in almost one million dollars for releasing new networking website called MySocialCloud.


Check our news page for more details of MySocialCloud’s makeover and how it can be easily hooked into famous networks like facebook or twitter.


Best of 2012

[News # Mar 17, 12]— by Florance Williams


Get ready for changes we have made in 2012! New benefits are waiting our customers when choosing our SEO company.

New sites released this year are now included in our network of partners, which reached the fabulous number of 2000. We revise and update our partnerships constantly in order to advance our clients best bookmark sites for listing their links.


Find out on our news page what features new sites have when becoming our collaborators and which criteria they must meet to help you receive excellent results using bookmarks.


Essential for bookmarking in 2012

[News # Mar 05, 12]— by Florance Williams


Original pictures and videos, attractive places and analyzing your public are major aspects to be taken into consideration this year.


What else should you know before promoting a product on bookmarks sites and what are the benefits of new released products in building a successful  advertising campaign – all these and more on the Breaking news page. 



Digg is now closer to Facebook

[News #Feb 28, 12]— by Florance Williams


Social bookmarking and networking get united through a new released application from Digg. Amazing Digg traffic increase due to possibility to automatically share content with Facebook members.


The influence of Digg and Facebook’s union was seen in massive 35% traffic growth in January 2012. Digg’s representative, engineer  Will Larson, aproveitar espaço debaixo das escadas says this was the biggest raise in the last two years.


Application is named Digg Social Reader and allows reading activities to be shared on Facebook instantly, increasing the number of Digg readers and of course its related traffic on site. Facebook Ticker and Timeline were also taken into consideration by Digg’s  increasing visibility strategy. 

The app not only had a big impact on site’s traffic growth but also helped studying what seems to be called the new readership method.

Find out more information about Digg’s amazing traffic boost on the news page.



Pro Packages with newcomers : Social Bookmarking,

Social Networking & Blog Networking [New!]

[News #Dec 16, 11 ]


We’re proudly present the only one provider on the market that includes three packages in one: Social Bookmarks,  Social Networks & Blog Networking. You can find all of them on Professional packages starting with package *600 Bookmarkings* as of December 16, 2011.

We’ve been testing Blog networking for almost 5 months and proof to be a smart choice for every customer who need valuable back-links for their websites. All links coming from blog networks are do-follow and definitely increase Google position of any website. And the good news: the new one (blog networking) is included on Pro Packages which means no price changes whatsoever! Get noticed on blogs!


bookmark SEO




1700 Bookmarks  (best price)






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What we are NOT doing

We are not re-publishing your link to the same

websites over and over again. We have

a database of 1700+ individual & UNIQUE bookmarking

sites where we will promote your site.


Most of the similar services have around 100 websites

and if they say they give you 500 bookmarks, in reality

they post 5 times on the same websites.



Our Company is genuine manual service (we will bookmark your website by hand, site by site),  so that we can assure the accuracy and approval rate close to 100%.



Our Submission Company do not let you wait for 6 to 10 days to complete (this is what you got from other providers). We are lightning fast. You will get it in 3-5 days for submitting between 100 & 1700 websites .



We do not just say that the bookmark process is complete, we give you a comprehensive report of our work, with your link listed on all websites we bookmarked you. You have full control of our work. Go ahead, check it!



We do not spam or flood either your website or the bookmarking websites with automatic servers, scripts or software requests. Our submission company is 100% internet friendly, following the New Google Panda & Google Penguin rules & further updates.



We are not just bookmarking your site with our eyes closed :) We offer the ability to create unlimited versions of your website content to avoid Google duplicate content warning.


However, this service is optional due to the fact that some SEO specialists consider this text repetition as been syndication and not duplicate content (those is not penalized by Google). Depending on your SEO policy, we may spin your content or not. Your choice!

BS Our Social Bookmarking Services works with Google’s latest 2012 algorithm update!

WEB 2.0 & WEB 3.0

Profiles with do-follow links and anchor text links



250 Web 2.0 & 3.0 Bookmarks

2 Days to complete!






$ 35,00



5000 Web 2.0 & 3.0 Bookmarks

4 Days to complete!

50% Price Discount

bookmark submitter


$ 180,00




Social Networking + Social Bookmarking + BLOG Networking[New!!]


2 Days to complete!





$ 15,00




3 Days to complete!

14% Price Discount




$ 77,40





32,5% Price Discount

network sites


$ 172,00


Social Bookmarking ONLY




1 Day to complete!

[1 Time Only/Customer]




$ 2,99




2 Days to complete!

25% Price Discount




$ 42,00




3 Days to complete!

56% Price Discountbookmark service


$ 111,00




Bookmarking Service

Social Bookmarking


Manual Social Bookmarking bookmark service

social bookmarking submissions services

 Social bookmarks submitter



Social Bookmarking


social bookmarking submissions

Social Bookmark Submissions

social bookmark service

Rank higher in Google! We submit your link to 1700+ UNIQUE social bookmarking, social networking, blog networking & web 2.0 sites.

social bookmarking submission service 


Buy Proxies


This is what BS is doing for you:


We manually bookmark your website to a huge structure of bookmarking websites (hundreds of them), including:







We manually bookmark & vote your website to social networking websites, counting the most popular of them like:

 Google Plus +1[New!!]





(NEW ) We manually bookmark your website to blog networking sites, suchlike:







Total websites you will get linked: 1700!


We offer the ability to spin your title and text content description to avoid duplicate content issue. You can give us as many text variations as you want or you may left us spin your title and description for free (optional).


We ping your new link on every 1700 websites to ensure a fast Google approach.


We deliver lightning fast. Even the volume of work is huge, we strive to give you the fastest provider on the planet: 4 days to complete all 1700 bookmarks.


We give you a full detail report of every website we bookmarked you and where your link is listed in.


We give your money back guarantee if our product is not delivered timely and the number of sites we bookmark is under the number you paid for.

What can we do for you?

1700+ bookmarks


Google Panda, Penguin & Future Updates 100% Friendly

bookmark provider




Social Bookmarking, Social Networking & web 2.0 websites are extremely important in these days: if you want your website or blog to be listed on Google on first pages. Here is a list of the benefits:


If your website/blog is new, our bookmarks will hurry up your listing on Google and all search engines.

If your website is old, it will increase your position to the first pages, depending on the keyword competition and website optimization.



You will get 1700 permanent back-links on top bookmark websites + networking sites.

It’s very well-known that any website position depends on the number of websites that link to your site. 1700 is a perfect number for your backlink needs. These backlinks are picked by Search engines like Google, blogs and content material aggregators.

We updated our databases with bookmarking sites to perfectly match the new Google updates: Panda & Penguin & will continue to monitor further SEO guidelines to get a genuinely friendly service.


You can bookmark not only your main website, but also individual pages, profile pages (on Facebook for example) or your blog.

Bookmarks on this pages will boost your visibility on Google.



It will improve your  branding & visibility and increase your traffic. Millions of visitors read different bookmark websites to know up coming news & websites. Although this is not the main propose, you will get a part of this traffic.



Our Company offers genuine quality backlinks, that really matter for your website growth.  Bookmarks, along with video and article posting, are the most powerful links you can get. And they are lifetime!

The hyperlinks that you simply get are one-way, permanent and no reciprocal link is requested



Results are coming very fast.

We deliver your bookmarks or web 2.0 profiles within 3 days. You get it all in a professional report. All your back-links are listed in there.